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I am many things;
But, I am no thief.
I've been plucked from the same soil,
And would never dream of reaping 
The harvest of your seeds.
I understand that prosperity arrives 
 In due season.

You took $39.84 from me.
You took $39.84 from my wife,
Not once, twice, but four times.

That's a weeks's worth food.
That's a few dates we can't go on,
(Even it is pizza in the candlelight).

But yesterday was 4/20, right?
Go get high while we take out more loans
Just to get by.

If you had realized you were taking from a person,
You'd be reminded that monetary value 
Doesn't define your inherent worth.

The best part? 
We would have given it to you.

Happy Easter to you too, from my family to yours:


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