Paying Homage To Caregiving, And Being Taken Care Of – Part 2/2

Hello again, and welcome home. It's so good to see you! This post is going to be almost entirely subjective and deeply personal; I hope you are still able to relate in some ways. Let's begin. After thoughtful deliberation on part two, I concluded that I would let you in on my experiences and how … Continue reading Paying Homage To Caregiving, And Being Taken Care Of – Part 2/2

Happy Birthday, Mommy.

Hey there. Today is April 17th, 2019. Today is mom's birthday. Today is also the sixteenth anniversary of her passing on April 17th, 2003. Some folks are kind of shocked to realize that she died on her birthday. Like... almost as if it was a bad omen, or as if it was unfortunate. I've always … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mommy.

The Purpose Of Welcome Home Healing (Part Two)

It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.Epictetus Hey there, is this your first time seeing me? I love you. ↨♥ In Part One of the Purpose, or story that inspired Welcome Home Healing to come to life, we talked about some tough stuff that I experienced. If … Continue reading The Purpose Of Welcome Home Healing (Part Two)

Bruised Loser

Dissecting the frogs in my throat,Viral disease transmission,Unloading the chamber,Confessing sins to my friends,All Sunday morning - easy.I already know that money can't buy hope.Witnessed the devil in me,Honey, even that ain't scary.But, Sweetheart, I did more than hope for you.I prayed to any Lord that would listen.I'd been so tired of singing the blues;So, … Continue reading Bruised Loser

An Ode To My Grandmother

My grandma remains etched into my heart for these reasons: she is compassionate, her prayers never cease, and she always sees the best in others. Her hair looks as though it has always been grey; she has eyes that resemble the juxtapose of life, bittersweet. Happy, inviting, but also somber. Greener than rural pastures in … Continue reading An Ode To My Grandmother