On Language Surrounding Chemical Dependence

If you are suffering, or have ever suffered from the cycle of addiction, I love you. I hear you. You are worth so much more than what you realize. You are not 'an addict'. You are addicted. There's a big difference. Your name is not "junkie". You are who you say you are. You are the … Continue reading On Language Surrounding Chemical Dependence


In someone else's story, we are a villain. Despite this, we must know our own truth. Knowing is not enough, however.In addition to knowing our experience, we must also give ourselves back to ourselves. We must reclaim our lives back from the people, places, and even the very things that bring out the victimhood in … Continue reading Validation

Step 1: We Admitted That Our Lives Had Become Unmanagable

I did it. Tonight, I joined a Codependents Anonymous Support Group, otherwise known as Coda. I am codependent to a larger degree than I had thought. I also don't know where all of this shame is coming from, but I'm happy that I've taken the initiative. I've known that I was codependent on an intellectual … Continue reading Step 1: We Admitted That Our Lives Had Become Unmanagable


There’s always been someone there when I felt like I wanted to end my life. Giving up is harder than pushing forward when there are these indigo children just like you, begging you to listen. So I do. I do not mean indigo children as in ancient aliens or the oval-shaped dudes on spaceships. I … Continue reading Indigo

Sometimes I forget

Time moves on, and I have held on Still, I will weep for the child That got lost in the abyss.I can feel the ache in meWhen I think back to all those homesThat I could not escapeI was too old at eighteen.I left with nothing.____________________________I am twenty-six now, and sometimes I forget my age.I forget that … Continue reading Sometimes I forget

About Yesterday

Yesterday, I did not turn around.There was some comment About how I'm a blonde now, But, I'm not."It's bleach,"I let you pretendThat our house wasn't on fire."Do you like it?"You ask this in a way that reminds me  you like to make my mouth your favorite fishing spot."It's whatever," I've learned a lot about lying from … Continue reading About Yesterday


The personality of a stinging bumblebee,This tongue defies gravity. Mind the words,Mustn't make them feel threatened.Talking too much - Too often our conversation's death sentence.See, here I go again!These parables in my throat,Plead for ice-water There is a special kind of Hell for untold stories.I'd offer you apologies, But that would turn into ten-million other … Continue reading A.D.D.