On ‘Eating Shit Sandwiches’

Dust settles... We packed what we could and left. Our first venture with an air mattress didn't go so well. In our first go-round with balloon beds, we slept comfortably enough but would wake up two or three times a night. The air had vacated its dwelling place inside the mattress and decided the floor … Continue reading On ‘Eating Shit Sandwiches’

Happy Birthday, Mommy.

Hey there. Today is April 17th, 2019. Today is mom's birthday. Today is also the sixteenth anniversary of her passing on April 17th, 2003. Some folks are kind of shocked to realize that she died on her birthday. Like... almost as if it was a bad omen, or as if it was unfortunate. I've always … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mommy.

I have failed. Here’s Why I’m Okay With That.

I will never again go to a school, job, or organization that does not value its students. I will never enter a shady job simply because it is a job. My time, brain and stress levels deserve better. You do too. Know your worth!I entered school (College) in January 2019. I was determined to succeed … Continue reading I have failed. Here’s Why I’m Okay With That.

Bruised Loser

Dissecting the frogs in my throat,Viral disease transmission,Unloading the chamber,Confessing sins to my friends,All Sunday morning - easy.I already know that money can't buy hope.Witnessed the devil in me,Honey, even that ain't scary.But, Sweetheart, I did more than hope for you.I prayed to any Lord that would listen.I'd been so tired of singing the blues;So, … Continue reading Bruised Loser

Adversity Is A Gift

In the words of Viktor Frankl, "What is to give light must endure burning." Over the years, I have come to learn that the adversity I have experienced is a gift to me. Without it, I would be able to help no one. Without it, I would not know what it means to be thirsty due to adversity. I … Continue reading Adversity Is A Gift

Faith? Faith.

Making the decision to lose everything or live in ridicule is never a choice a human should have to make, even if they are 'queer'. I'm in a situation that I realize is far better than half of the universe. I'm not sleeping under a bridge, I've been able to pay my water and light … Continue reading Faith? Faith.