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Personal letters from me with you, the reader, in mind.

Oh hey, it’s me again.

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I’m currently working on my podcast and patreon for y’all. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading more poetry.


I’m Here For You

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Instead of telling you to keep going, instead of telling you that things will improve, I will sit with you. I will shoulder that burden with you. I will sleep on that floor with you. I will eat in the dark with you. I will lurk on the streets with you. I’ll break through windows so that you can feed your hungry children, with you. I will be there as you cry yourself to sleep for the fourth time this week. I’ll be there when life’s laughing at you, yet again. I’ll be there. Thank you for letting me be there for you. I love you.

Welcome Home.

You’re safe here.


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The personality of a stinging bumblebee,
This tongue defies gravity.

Mind the words,
Mustn't make them feel threatened.

Talking too much -
Too often our conversation's death sentence.

See, here I go again!

These parables in my throat,
Plead for ice-water
There is a special kind of Hell for untold stories.

I'd offer you apologies,
But that would turn into ten-million other stories
Probably about how I've always been made to apologize
For the gymnasts that are my thoughts.

They only know summersaults and headstands.
And all I wanted to say was,
Yeah, I hear you. I understand.


The Magician Who Burnt His Cookies

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The Magican Who Burnt His Cookies,
Drew a home on them first.

He's free to create whatever he wishes,
For just a few monthly payments of muddy bridges!

He never asked to be a Wizard;
His Destiny begged to differ.

Surrender And Quitting

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One is invitation,
The other is walking away
There will be times we cannot know 
Which one is which.

Surrender puts Your Battle in The Architects plans.

Faith is the blueprint 
On which youre allowed to
Build the House Of Yourself 
It's acceptable to retrace your footprints 

You've paid your dues;
You've gotta write to your two-sense.

Remind yourself:
Quitting can be accomplished gracefully; 
With a nod of acknowledgement 
To unrealistic demands.

Both require extinguishing the fires 
Of Your Great Expectations 
And Your misplaced pride.

Allowing Your Self to do either
Won't always fit right.

You are not a pair of shoes.
Let yourself sing the blues.
Let the soles of your soul rest awhile.

Perhaps today You are a Quitter 
But today is not the rest of your life. 

Elephantiasis is a thing I learned about.

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Good morning,

Whatever kind of morning you’re having, I appreciate you being here with me.

Ringing true to my word and promise to you, I took the leap – learned to fly, and recorded a thirty-minute video of my self talking both directly and indirectly about what personal Hells gave birth to Welcome Home Healing.

So if you’d like to watch, feel free to comment on this post; otherwise, if you don’t have thirty minutes to spare and are expecting perfection, I won’t waste your time.

I am both apprehensive and a bit embarrassed by it, because I’m aware that I can brush up on my speaking skills, and that being vulnerable, though noble and effective opens up doors that we sometimes don’t know we want to remain closed until the truth is already out there.

Additionally, I did post it to Facebook, because everyone’s pretending there. To me, it is too large a platform to be able to afford authentic feedback. I am fortunate to have you (writers, artists, philosophers, rant-spewing dual-awareness humans who may just be broke enough to be humble). – 🙂

That was a joke, by the way. Maybe not all of us are starving artists, but you get the gist.

There were snails on my door this morning.
I love you.

I’ll be posting poetry soon.

You are not the Universe

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I promised myself that I

would quit using the word ‘I’.

But, I was never told

that I couldn’t use I

When writing to you.

Writing should be universal,

I really believe that.

But you are not the universe,

You are far greater.

And I will spend all of my life

Trying to find words to tell the world

Not to give up.

Because good people like you

Still exist. 
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