Welcome Home Has A Birthday Coming Up In The Family. Help us Celebrate!

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I’m sure most of my followers know my spouse, Garrett. It goes without saying that we’re pretty devoted to each other not only as a married couple, but as a family unit in general. I’ve never really been able to convey how grateful I am for the care and integrity Garrett has provided me with. I still can’t accurately do that. We’ve had a rough seven years, and for a long time, it felt like we were going in circles, (because we kind of were)! But we made vows, and an unspoken promise to each other, that we’d make it through anything, including situations that seemed both hopeless and irreparable. I think the move to a different place has done wonders for us. It also stopped the cycle of depression, stagnation, and unhealthy contemplation. It’s not all smooth sailing, but the waters seem to be less murky, and I’m happy to be alive.

The move to Missouri has us financially tight, but I’m incredibly proud to see what we have gained after all the mountains we’ve been climbing. I only found the light at the end of tunnel for myself a few days ago, and since then, I think it’s safe to say we can only go up from here.

Garrett really has grown as a person, and is continuing to evolve into a person I’m proud to know, and share my life, home, friends, and family with.

I’m unable to give Garrett bunches of monetary gifts and I know Garrett couldnt care less, as long as the house is stocked with Ramen and Wifi ready; but this year, after everything I wanted you all to know just how amazing Garrett is. Good people do still exist, and Garrett is living proof!

I’ve decided fo reframe any past hurt or trauma or sad shit into a new beginning, and welcome Garrett home, finally.

I won’t ask you for anything; although I do have a fundraiser dedicated to Garrett. This will help with moving expenses, groceries, wheelchair lease payments, and everything else that has been on our minds for far too long. The only thing I ask is that you, readers of, is that you take the time to read why this fundraiser is so important to me. Don’t write it off as me begging for charity, because that’s beside the point. I want to provide a good life for Garrett. My options are limited and this was an option I decided to embark on, whether we had received donations or nothing at all. I just want our readers and friends to know that Garrett is a priceless person, and I’d deserving of more than what I could ever hope to provide in a lifetime.

Love is the greatest gift, and I guess my thought was that this would help ease the burdens for Garrett and also make it possible to celebrate their birthday without worrying about bills for even just a moment.

Money is secondary, still. My only hope is that you read why it means so much to me. You can decide to share it, or don’t. The most important thing is that Garrett be able to take a few breaths and remember how precious life is.

Please help me wish my soulmate a happy birthday this November 20th.

Garrett’s Dedication Fundraiser

Postcards, salty snacks and other sentimental stuff welcomed.

Email if you wanna send anything or just wish Garrett an amazing year. It would mean everything to us, as well as go our family.

Welcome Home! We’re back! So good to see y’all.


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