Surrender And Quitting

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One is invitation,
The other is walking away
There will be times we cannot know 
Which one is which.

Surrender puts Your Battle in The Architects plans.

Faith is the blueprint 
On which youre allowed to
Build the House Of Yourself 
It's acceptable to retrace your footprints 

You've paid your dues;
You've gotta write to your two-sense.

Remind yourself:
Quitting can be accomplished gracefully; 
With a nod of acknowledgement 
To unrealistic demands.

Both require extinguishing the fires 
Of Your Great Expectations 
And Your misplaced pride.

Allowing Your Self to do either
Won't always fit right.

You are not a pair of shoes.
Let yourself sing the blues.
Let the soles of your soul rest awhile.

Perhaps today You are a Quitter 
But today is not the rest of your life. 

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