Elephantiasis is a thing I learned about.

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Good morning,

Whatever kind of morning you’re having, I appreciate you being here with me.

Ringing true to my word and promise to you, I took the leap – learned to fly, and recorded a thirty-minute video of my self talking both directly and indirectly about what personal Hells gave birth to Welcome Home Healing.

So if you’d like to watch, feel free to comment on this post; otherwise, if you don’t have thirty minutes to spare and are expecting perfection, I won’t waste your time.

I am both apprehensive and a bit embarrassed by it, because I’m aware that I can brush up on my speaking skills, and that being vulnerable, though noble and effective opens up doors that we sometimes don’t know we want to remain closed until the truth is already out there.

Additionally, I did post it to Facebook, because everyone’s pretending there. To me, it is too large a platform to be able to afford authentic feedback. I am fortunate to have you (writers, artists, philosophers, rant-spewing dual-awareness humans who may just be broke enough to be humble). – 🙂

That was a joke, by the way. Maybe not all of us are starving artists, but you get the gist.

There were snails on my door this morning.
I love you.

I’ll be posting poetry soon.


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