How can I help you?

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It’s been said that less people are willing to help.

I don’t even remember where I read that. To me, it doesn’t seem true. Maybe lots of people, want to help lots of people.

Perhaps our hearts have arms that want to hold even the coldest souls, but our self-awareness and imagined embarrassment stops us in our tracks.

We overthink the other person’s reaction.

Without even realizing it, we’ve planted a rose garden in our cheeks and change our minds about saying hello, or about holding that door open, or about asking our friend who looks incredibly worn out if they’re truly okay, or if they’d like someone to listen to them.

Our good intentions remain good intentions.

If you want to help, help. Try your best not to let over thinking get in your way. The worst that could happen is that you’ve made someone’s life a little less hectic.

How can I help you? No, really. How can I help you today?

Let me know in the comments.

You’re doing awesome at this life thing.

I love you.

Welcome home.


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