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Hey there. One quick thing!

I wanted to be transparent on what happens when you donate money to Welcome Home Healing. The money is used to keep the domain up and running.
Current Business Plan is 300/yearly.

It also helps to pay for G-Suite so that you can reach out to me through e-mail.

G-Suite is 120 USD yearly for businesses. (I am a tiny one-person company, and I’ve funded all of this by myself.)

I also study trauma, psychology, and sociology. I purchase personal development books so that I can provide accurate information on Welcome Home Healing’s posts. These costs vary. I admit I am an avid reader. These costs are usually around 75.00 USD if I buy physical copies. (I get it, that’s not your problem, but I’m just being honest here.)

I pay advertising costs to help grow the community which is about 100 USD monthly.
I won’t be able to fund advertising steadily at this rate, but it helps tremendously.

I am a college student on the path to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. My tuition is around 9,500 and I’m not fully covered.

If you were here when we lost income due to family rejection because my wife is a transwoman, you’ll see that I’ve invested a lot into providing a knowledgeable, well-functioning, creative place of respite.

This is my job as I’ve yet to find another due to being in a wheelchair, chronic illness, and all that fun stuff. This isn’t a pity party, by any means – this is honesty from a one-man (girl) company.

I am a volunteer crisis counselor, a volunteer for Louisiana Trans Advocates, and I spend most of my days trying my best to serve others – turns out that’s hard to with limited resources!

However, this isn’t a post designed to bug you or have you pity me. (That’s gross.)

The last thing I want is for such a beautiful community to become a chore for you to visit. Please understand I know that I am not intending to come off as entitled.

You don’t owe me anything.
I’m here for you, and I’m glad we can heal together.
I’m blessed that you stop by, read, and comment.

You deserve to know where your money’s going and I can assure you, it’s in good hands.

Let’s work together to heal and grow through art, poetry, and each other.

I appreciate you.

Oh, and I’ve fixed my PayPal. You no longer have to pay a fee to transfer money to me. It was set to “personal” instead of goods and services. I had not realized this but it is fixed now.

Thank you for being here with me. Connecting with you has brought me an immense amount of joy and fulfillment. And hey, don’t forget to subscribe and share. Every progressive action helps, no matter how small you think it may be. Believe me, you’re helping move mountains.

I love you.
Welcome Home.
You’re safe here.

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